Nissar Hussain British Apostate

Since converting to Christianity, he’s experienced 16 years of abuse.


J.T. Canada’s Canary PM


If you don’t know the Trouble this man has Caused Canada, maybe you just might

want to Watch this.  He’s a Canary in the Coal Mine for the Rest of us in the U.S.

Might want to keep an eye on what’s going on to the North of us ..


Im confused 😟

Why…. ?

What do I do? Where do I go? How should I feel ?
WHAT if I pick this? What if I dont Chose that !? 😕
Why cant I Chose?
What actully causes all this confusion? 😞
Is it that you cant make up you mind? Or maybe that you have been listening to so many people, you cant decide who to trust?
Their opinions about “things & feelings”, just roll around in your head, to the point were you just cant make up your mind about anything.


Is it really that easy !?
Doesnt Judging require “Thinking”, though !?
😞 For instance, ” I think this person is Confused “. (In my opinion, ofcourse!) But, doesnt having an opinion qualify you as a 😞 “Thinker”!? If you are a “Thinker”, then you obviously cant be confused, because you’re too busy Thinking !! 😦 If you are in the process of thinking, then you’re making forward movement! Which is always veiwed as a good thing, right!! ☺ (come on…
Move it up there) 👉 we need to more forward to get where you want to be 😕🚥 🚗🚚🚛🚕🚧🚦🛂


Where am i going with this, you might ask,….. 😕 I dont know, “I’m Confused” ! 😦😟 somewhere down the road, somewhere in the “know”, 🚶🚉🚥 I suppose.

I do know one thing, people who can not make up their minds, drive me bananas!! 🍌🍌🍌🍌Sooooooo,
With that being said,
having to work with a person like this, can prove to be overbearing as well as overwhelming! 😨
Obviously you cant make someone decide on “making a choice”! It wouldnt be a choice if you did, right!?
But why are we confused ?
! Good question! 😣


Some people for some reason, absolutely can not make a decision on their own!! Its a paralyzing concept! 😓 But how did they get that way!?

I feel that just maybe i have an advatage over some, because I was born the 1st of 9 children!!
Yes, that was me, a student of “Hardknocksville High”! 📚🏫📖🔨 Everything ive learn was by my own hand!
YES……. 😞 Ofcourse i had a Mother. She taught me how to perform the basic everyday chores.
She “showed” me what to do everyday of my “growing up” life. 😕 (No decision making with this arrangement!)
BUT, Everything I did learn, outside of “chore activity”, found me through trial & error!!


The most important lesson i could have ever learned on my own was,

“to Make a decision”, is far better then letting time go by without a decision”! 😐

With Hesitation, comes undecisivness, which can truly hinder the thought progress 😣 Dont damage you “self reliance”! You wont always have others to lean on. 😔


Making decisions for yourself can only build on what youll need to make more decision in other areas! Practice makes perfect! 😐

Never stay frozen in time without a plan. Also, never get into the habit of passing the buck, letting someone else think and decide for you.
The number one event in your life, is to decide for yourself.
And later, a chance to built confindence.
Try hard “not” to leave things to chance. A bad habit formed young can be a participant in the crippling of a sound mind! 😦


Dont be that person who waits for the “others” to decide for you. Embrace your
“Freedom of Choice”!
Learn to make Choices!! Stick by them, and learn to trust yourself.


#alwaysmovingforwardintime 💡