It is WRITTEN, by Mohammad,  for that then it is Practiced.


J.T. Canada’s Canary PM


If you don’t know the Trouble this man has Caused Canada, maybe you just might

want to Watch this.  He’s a Canary in the Coal Mine for the Rest of us in the U.S.

Might want to keep an eye on what’s going on to the North of us ..


Meanwhile in Sweden……

Thanks Grandpa…. i felt compelled to share you Thoughts!! Work well done!

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

Sure the Moslems are back at it again, killing white people in their own countries but what you should really be concerned about is gas twins. To be more concerned about your own people would just be racist.

111At least five people have been killed after terrorists hijacked a truck and rammed shoppers in Stockholm before opening fire on pedestrians today.

We obviously need sensible truck control and more Moslems. Otherwise the terrorists win.

The vehicle crashed into a packed shopping centre and burst into flames.
Three men jumped out from the lorry and opened fire before trying to stab pedestrians, witnesses said.

Remember how boring Sweden used to be before diversity? It’s way better now.

111You may look at this and think, “Wow what a nice place” but everyone who has an education has one word for this: boring. 

111Officers said the vehicle crashed into a group of…

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Public School in Canada permits Religion in the classroom. Why?

They are commanded to Demand what they want!! Not In Our Countries!! #spoiledchildredofAllah


Muslims are Commanded to demand what they want in the name of “ALLAH” !!

Not in our Schools, when we pay taxes for our children to go to school to learn what they

need to know to travel through Life…. Christianity was taken form our Schools years

ago…but its ok for Isam ??  Wake up EVERYONE….. Stop being STUPID!!

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