Fake Refugees Flee


Luxury Asylum Center Finds Out How To Make Muslims Flee City For Good

Leftists thought that a lush asylum center containing maid service twice daily, child care,

and a lavish gym would be the perfect place to make the newest shipment of Muslim asylum seekers
feel right at home. However, there was just one thing about the luxury center that had the
migrants packing their bags and leaving the city for good.

Liberals are completely dumbfounded at the odd response from a group of migrants about what
they considered a 5-star refugee resort. The camp, which contains a big-screen television, free daycare,
scheduled leisure activities to keep the migrants entertained, complimentary education courses, and a
lavish gym, soon saw their asylum seeking guests hitching rides out of the city to another town.

The Express reports that around 40 Iraqi and Syrian refugees actually admitted that they’d rather go
back to the war-torn countries they claim to have fled than stay in the German luxury asylum center
because it “smells” different. The lavish camp quickly realized that all they had to do to prompt Muslim
refugees to move out and hire their own taxi cabs to another city is give them exactly what they claim to
want — a safe, stable environment with classes to educate them.

The migrants complained that they were living in “inhumane conditions” in Meschede and that they want to
return to ISIS-controlled regions, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not refugees at all but
Muslim invaders charged with spreading Islam and Sharia. Many of them cited the school’s courses, which they
just didn’t want to attend.

Before local authorities could even make it to the asylum center, the migrants had already called taxis to
take them away from the taxpayer-funded facility and to the nearby town of Bad Berleburg instead. When they
arrived at their new destination, however, they realized that all parts of Germany are simply to un-Islamic
to meet their religious supremacist expectations. Now, they are demanding to return to their homelands, one
that Germany should quickly oblige before they have time to change their minds.

Authorities inspected the alleged “inhumane conditions” and found brand new showers and toilets, which are
cleaned twice a day. They were also shown large bedrooms, some of which were reserved for a single family
instead of bunking a randomly selected group of migrants in the same room.

Germany is finding out that some of the fake refugees who are apathetic are willing to give up and return to
their homelands. However, the fake refugees who are devoted to the cause of spreading Islam will gladly “suffer”
in the generous accommodations at all costs.

Not only does this prove that these so-called refugees are not really fleeing dire conditions but also that they
are intentionally flooding Europe for benefits and to pressure the West into implementing Sharia.

Of course, the statistics already showed us that these migrants aren’t fleeing war. In fact, only a third are
actually from war zones. The rest are just illegal invaders from safe Muslim countries. Aside from this, over
half of them are adult men, while just 18 percent are women and 31 percent are passing as children. This further
proves that we are accepting heartless male cowards who are abandoning their families to slaughter or that they’re
not in any real danger in the first place.

Alas, appeasing Muslims has never achieved anything other than allowing them the opportunity to squeeze their
hosts until there is nothing left. With their ceaseless demands, they have toppled economies, raped the female
population into submission, and created the perfect fearful environment by which they can begin implementation of Sharia.

When our women are scared of being sexually assaulted if they step outside, they will unknowingly begin to
comply with Sharia by covering up, traveling with a male escort, or staying inside altogether. When our men
are afraid of being stabbed, shot, or blown up in a terrorist attack, they will demand we give Muslims what
they want. When the media is afraid of being sued for insulting Muslims, they will censor themselves and others
for the sake of Islam.



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