Floride the Wonder Chemical

Be informed of what the Government decides is best for you & your family 😦


    I suppose this would be more impacting if i “slathered” this statement with “Statistics”, but I like to think a  “personal dipiction” would be better, in my case. 😞
    As a young child of 10, I can still hear my Mother insisting that we “smere this liquid”, incased in a plastic bubble capsule, all over our teeth!! 😣😦 (you can only imagine the resistant I & my siblings put up)! At very best, the floride caspules doubled as  fasinating entertainment for us, as we popped away at the capsules, exploding the fluid everywhere, but our teeth!! 😆
     The Department of Health & Dentistry insisted that the general population was in dyer need of “floride”!! It would be in the interest of everyone to be protected by adding this chemical to the City Water Supply! An every Denist to start supplying their patients, with this
      💫Miracle Chemical💫!
Next, the toothpaste, mouthwash & anything else the drug company could come up with! 😞
😒 Does anyone see a conspiracy here, or am i just being paranoid? ?! 😣
     For years, the Floride followed us into the bathroom! It was always there, in the water, the toothpaste, and now tablets….
( I’m  sure some one decided that the capsule was a BAD idea)😟
      LATE 70’S, I had children of my own. Their first dentist visit involved a “treat package” of toothpaste, & toothbrush, a little plastic set of fake teeth, and looming at the bottom of the bag was the evil little package of floride tablets!! 😨
       To think that is has been pushed and shoved on us for 4 decades going on 5, makes me physically ill.
THEN, to see a Statement like this, “Floride causes more Human Cancers than any other Chemical”!!      😲 I stand in utter disbelief.    Ok, let me get this straight,  I have to add, yet, another Chemical, that the US Goverment has decided was Good for our Health, to my “Yuke List”??…    😒 (why do i see the Big Drug Companies CEO’s standing, snickering, behind the backs of our “ever protecting” Politicians)?!? 😣
    Ive decided years prior to reading this REVOLATION, that i was going to go out of my way to make sure i dodge ANY oral healthcare item saying,
         😟”with FLORIDE “!!
     I do not drink City Water, by the way…. that a whole new artical we wont get into right now! 😕
  But before i go, i must say, as years have gone by, I’ve become convinced, in my opinion, ofcourse, that its our Government that is allowing “BiG Companies” to do with us what they will… 😢 sad but true.
     So it is all up to the individual to decided, what are you willing to put inside of “Your” body…
Who are you going to trust?
     Make the “resolution” to stay
👋😮👈 Knowledge is your greatest power!! 💪✴👌

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