Protecting what we ❤love❤


When i was on the beach, my first thought was to collect as much little trinkets i could fit into my pockets!! I Love the beach, and would take the whole ocean home with me, if i could! !
But something happened to me to on this trip. I couldnt bare to steal them from their home. 😦😮
I saw them, appricated them, took picturesof them, and left them. 😌


Nature is here for us to See, Feel, Smell, & take lots of photos…. i want to leave it the way I found it, so others will be able to enjoy it decades from now! 😊😮


After all…. if we takes things… what will they have to eat ? RIGHT!? 😮😯


O how I look forward to coming back for a visit 😆👌

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